Thursday, January 19, 2012

stretchy love

One night at bedtime, we were having one of those "I don't want to go to bed" "well it's bedtime" conversations.

 She said "but when I'm on my own, I can't feel your love."


 How could I explain love, make it visible, feel-able, understandable? How could I explain that my love would always be reaching to her no matter where she or I might be?

 In the end, I told her that love was stretchy, stretchier than the stretchiest elastic, and stronger too. It worked.

As we prepared for a new year of kinder, I made this stretchy love heart for her back pack, so that a visible, feel-able, stretch-able reminder of our love would always be easy to find (and then I made two more, because even grown-ups like reminders).

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I am normally a slow, s-l-o-o-o-w maker - mainly due to my tendency to overthink, procrastinate and change plans along the way. This last week has been different for some reason.
Last Friday, I decided to clean up my fabric stash in an attempt to avoid going to a fabric sale (I succeeded!), and found a tablecloth that I had planned to make into a dress... except when I washed it (more than a year ago), I noticed some stains that I couldn't cut around. Looking at it again, I decided to embrace the (tiny) stains - nothing like some pre-existing imperfection to lower my stress levels! I grabbed one of our favourite Kate dresses and carefully stretched it to make a kind-of-pattern, and then cut and sewed and made a dress (and hastily took a photo before heading out for dumplings).
This morning, I saw this tutorial. A couple of hours later, I stuck up our own version - not so carefully made and a lot more colourful - in her craft corner. Now I want one too... Hope you're having a happy time - fast, slow or whatever speed you like! x