Tuesday, February 28, 2012

celebrating the leap

I don't really think of myself as a "leap-er" - I'm more of a "look before you leap-er" (who sometimes spends so long looking that the time for leaping is long-gone...).

Lately, though, as leap-day approaches, I've been thinking about what leaping means to me - trying something new, stretching to or even beyond perceived limits, being brave, and also having fun (I especially remember leaping all over the lounge dancing to 80's music with my sisters  - in the 80's!).

I've been thinking about people I know and respect and love who've been making their own leaps in their own way - many wonderful blog friends included.

And I'm thinking I will try to be a bit more of a "leap-er" too.

Happy Leap-day's eve! xo

Friday, February 24, 2012

muppet inspired puppet storage

This is one of my favourite makes, which may seem funny, as it doesn't look like much: an opped frame,  some cardboard, paint and paddle pop sticks... (oh, and some papier mache clay made from toilet paper, which you fortunately can't see...)

but it holds all our finger puppets (well, there's one space free, and I know at least one or two are missing - where are you, Mr Pigeon? - so almost all might be more accurate!), and it makes me think of the Muppets song every time I see it (which is not surprising given my design was ripped off from inspired by the Muppet Theatre) and I had so much fun designing (and redesigning) it, and making it, and filling it up with puppets...

(and just because I couldn't resist an animation...)

how do you make gifs

How do you make gifs

Sunday, February 19, 2012

good things

I'm just taking a moment to enjoy some of the good things in our life right now...

Celebrating with the gorgeous Jess and her lovely family and friends at the opening of her (and Martin's) exhibition.

Making yummy carrot-banana-sultana cupcakes, with a recipe I first made in my teens (I think).

Styling advice - "pansy cupcakes would be nice" - courtesy of a certain curly haired girl.

Celebrating 156 months since our first date (we went here, saw this and froze on a cold Melbourne night...) with fancy pancakes (thanks to Cath for the link).

 and having fun with some "secret pancake messages"...

Hoping your day is full of good things... x

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rorschach cat

What do you see?

Oh, and her name is Lena Germfur Inkblot Cat (yes, I know, perfect!)...

Hope you're having a good week x

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

my place and yours - green (in our kitchen)

When Vic announced this week's My Place and Yours theme was green, I headed straight to our kitchen (well, after a few days of not getting around to it...).

In many regards, our kitchen is pretty ordinary, pretty modest... but when it comes to green-ness, it positively shines (in a crazy, slightly kitschy, I hope you like bugs on the wallpaper kind of way...)

(just outside our kitchen window)

Do you love green too? Visit Vic for more green places...