Saturday, January 29, 2011

a girls' weekend

In case you're wondering, no, I'm not interrupting a weekend of child-free relaxing and general indulging to make a blog post... because it's not that kind of girls' weekend (though that would be just lovely). Instead, my husband is off on a "boy's weekend" so it's just me and the girl for a couple of days.

I am feeling a bit tired - I missed my late morning break when she and Dad head to the park for their regular Saturday play time - but I am also feeling grateful.

Grateful for a relaxed lunch date with another of our favourite girls.

Grateful for extra time to play and imagine and just be (even if that means "being" kangaroos with repurposed apron pouches) .

Grateful for reminders of how similar we are - she also "photographs" everything (with a no-longer functional camera, which luckily functions quite well in her imagination).

Grateful for a naughty-ish late-ish dinner of pancakes (made less naughty by very good eggs, and by a healthy-ish topping of apple sauce made entirely of finely grated apple).

Grateful for remembering that even though we are not always perfect (and yes, we both had our moments at the supermarket today), we really are pretty great!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

my creative space

This week has seen a little last minute making...

some rainbow felt bunting to decorate a favourite colleague's baby shower, made late at night while the "bring a plate" was cooking... thank you to Lupin for the lovely, colourful felt (trust me, it is colourful! It's a little hard to take photos at night when 2/3 of the light bulbs have blown!),

and a toy / laundry bag whipped up to help her carry the baby shower loot home.

We also made a bit of mess yesterday - while "making" lamingtons (from bought cake, just adding the icing and coconut).

We made some which actually looked like lamingtons (if a little variable in size, after attempting to cut a round cake into cubes!), and some which...

well they still tasted yum!

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

how to be rich [flea market finds]

Wander through the house and find a big bagload of perfectly good things that we don't need, without even trying...

Listen with delight as a young child's mantra changes (at least temporarily) from "I want" to "I could give this away"...

After dropping off the bag, step into the op shop (well, we all knew that was going to happen... and in fact I visited more than one...), but for once, show restraint - putting back the lovely things that we just don't need and don't have space for.

Look admiring at the things that did make it home (well, we all knew that would happen too...), all useful, beautiful and well priced.

Enjoy converting the money saved into donations for people who need it - here, here, and places like here too, because people have endured natural disasters all over the world. Enjoy the fun of using many of those donations as entries in one of the amazing giveaways / auctions taking place right now thanks to the wonderful people in the blogging community.

Yep, feeling pretty rich today. Hope you're feeling rich in your own way too.

For more flea market finds, visit Sophie (who is most certainly among the wonderful people - all proceeds from her shop this January are being donated to the flood appeal, and she's also holding a Thrifting Love giveaway!).

Thursday, January 13, 2011

please don't stop here, just go and donate

Nothing to see here - but so many people in the blogging community are doing something to encourage donations to the Qld Flood Appeal...

There are many "giveaways" (open to those who donate) and auctions - some really great ones have already started and others are starting soon - find a full list here from Sunday.

Visit BrisStyle's Handmade Ark Flood Appeal, where generous makers have donated some of their wares with all proceeds to the appeal.

Lexi of pottymouthmama is also keeping an up to date list of ways to help.

We're going through our piggy banks here, and hoping our little contribution can go some way to help those who are struggling.

Stay safe x

Sunday, January 9, 2011

flea market find

Some evidence that I am officially an op shop regular...

I spied this doll basket a bit over a week ago at one of the few op shops open between Christmas and New Year... but it was out the back in the staff only zone... I wasn't brave enough to ask the staff if / when it would be for sale, and instead went back a few hours later, when it was nowhere to be seen (you get a pretty good view of the staff only zone from the carpark).

Fast forward seven days, and to my surprise it was sitting there waiting for me. I carried it around on my hip while checking the rest of the store, then waited in line to buy it. The op shop manager saw me and said - "oh, that is SO you!"

OK, so I'm enough of a regular to be recognised not just by face but by buying habits. At least I now have her express permission to ask about items out the back!

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Monday, January 3, 2011

ordinarily happy

I think I like day to day life more than Christmas or New Years, or any of those other special occasions. I don't really like the pressure to be extra-happy, or extra-good, that can come with those big-name days.

I prefer it when perfectly ordinary days, and ordinary moments, turn into special memories.

By the way, we've taken our tree down now... but an even more beautiful one has sprung up in its place...

Wishing you loads of ordinary (and extraordinary) happiness this year...