Monday, June 27, 2011

a bookshelf pretending to be a mantlepiece

We don't have a mantlepiece, but I really want to join in with Estelle...

So here's the top of a bookshelf (a cheap one from the big blue and yellow emporium), with some of our favourite red things, mainly thrifted, including our newest toy- an old Sesame Street music box that plays "A person in your neighbourhood" (the girl walked back to the car holding it up near her ear like a boom box...).

More mantles (probably even real ones) over here...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

going back

Have you seen this show? If you haven't, you can catch up online and see the last episode tonight.

It has made me think a lot about walking my talk. I believe that people seeking asylum should receive respect and care, not simply detention and deportation, and that people who have already suffered trauma should be protected as much as possible from further trauma.

But what am I doing about it? Not enough. From now on, I am going to try to do more. I need to.

I need to, at least in part for these boys (now men, if they have survived). I met them at a refugee shelter in Kenya when I was just 19 years old. They had escaped war in Sudan - and potentially escaped life as child soldiers. They were gorgeous and funny and clever. I learned to play thumb piano, and danced and sang with their community (to be told I "danced with a tight bottom" - it was NOT a compliment!).

Coming home from that experience, I was determined to "do my bit" for those boys and people in their situation... then I got caught up in Uni, and life, and stuff... and my efforts have been token ones.

Now I think it's time to rediscover my inner 19 year old, and once more try to change the world...

(um, yes, this post is somewhat overly earnest. sorry about that.)
PS: a BIG thank you to Cath for reminding me...

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Frederick McCubbin, Down on His Luck, 1889 (NOT the original!! - a faded and scratched [but wonderfully large] copy, marked down to $1 at the local oppy and destined to become a blackboard).

Today I'm feeling lucky.

Lucky to have found a few nice things at the op shops (I only photographed one, though!).

Lucky that I could find support when I needed it, both online and in real life (thank you!).

Lucky to have spent a couple of hours today at Cathie's biggest morning tea (in the afternoon), eating amazingly delicious food, meeting and chatting with a bunch of great people... and then lucky enough to win a prize in the raffle.

Myrtle and Eunice tea towel (to go with our "T" tea towel!), CurlyPops brooch (now I feel like a real Melbourne blogger!), and super-cute Chantal Vincent stamp...

Hoping you're feeling lucky too.

(PS: joining in with Sophie's flea market finds ...)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

just like magic

I pressed a button and, just like magic, yesterday's blog post disappeared.

I realised that my needs (for support, and to get some things off my chest) had been met, and that I could now focus on my child's needs (including privacy) with some extra self-confidence.

I also visited for some magic (well, random) number choosing.

My little blog hit 100 followers, and I know people normally hold giveaways for such events. I decided to hold a "sneaky" giveaway instead - and randomly chose one of the last 100 comments for a little gift. The "winner" is Wendy (I'll send you an email to get your address...).

Hope you have a happy, and perhaps even magical, weekend x

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the best room in the house (by far)

(please excuse this self-indulgent, photo-heavy post - I just really need to celebrate having one clean and beautiful room in our home ...)

Her room has always been the best room in the house, with gorgeous winter sunlight, and lovely vintage wallpaper that survived our "new" phase when we first moved in.

When it was time to say goodbye to her too-small toddler bed and stretch out into a full-size one, I took the chance to rearrange the room (adding only the bed, and swapping some furniture with other rooms).

(dress-ups corner, just waiting for a mirror...)

(books books books books books, everywhere you look)

(a lonely artwork waiting for some friends)

(we could perhaps do better with the light bulbs...)

I think I want to move in...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

the tipping point?

My husband is normally incredibly tolerant and accepting of my op-shop and fete purchases, even when they are silly or excessive.

This time, however, when I carried in this gloriously flowery fold-up chair, he just pointed out that we'd sent a perfectly good camping chair (boring dark green, with a drink holder) to the op-shop weeks earlier...

I almost didn't tell him that I'd bought two...

For more finds, visit Sophie.