Friday, March 16, 2012

our little patch of green

Finally, we got some fake grass for our tiny concrete backyard. It's just 2m by 3m (the grass, that is).

It feels much bigger - suddenly we have a place for picnics, for lying down and watching the clouds, for hula hooping and skipping, for backyard yoga (kind-of) and for who knows what else (Melbourne weather permitting).

Even though I will continue to dream of a bigger space and real grass, this little change has been a wonderful one for us.

We've been growing more green this year too (though at times we've been better at feeding the caterpillars than ourselves!), and loving the little side salads and pesto dinners that we've been able to source from our own backyard.

Finally a little bit of blue - because I just realised it's St Pat's day tomorrow and feel a bit silly doing a green post, and because it is the curly haired girl's favourite colour (and I'm so proud she has not given in to the "real girls don't like blue" messages she has been bombarded with lately).

 Happy weekend to you xo