Thursday, December 9, 2010

Made by other hands

I love the idea of making presents for people - especially those closest to me. The problem is, I'm a slow maker - slow to decide what to make, what colours or fabrics to choose, whether to use a pattern or make up my own (I generally choose the latter, then wonder what I was thinking halfway through)...

A little while ago, I wisely came to the realisation that if I wanted to give handmade this Christmas, I would need to at least partly outsource the making to others more productive than me.

These are two of my favourite gifts so far...

The cushion is for my dad - who has always stood up in his quiet way for justice and peace and all round kindness in the world. Made by the awesome Cath (who has also made some amazing map cushions, that are selling like hotcakes, by the looks of things!).

Quincy, a sweet bear who loves cranberry sauce, lawn bowls and playing the accordion, is made by Jess, a lovely person who I've been lucky enough to meet, and I'm pretty sure I was her first customer / groupie at her market stall a month or so ago. Quincy is going to my mum, who absolutely loves and treasures all teddy bears, and has a history of "rescuing" damaged and discarded bears and giving them a new home... I reckon Jess and my mum would have a bit in common!

I made another special purchase at Jess's market... ssshhh, don't tell my daughter...

She fell in love with Enid, the lamb after seeing "Enids" all over blogland in buttons for Softies for Mirabel. Just a few weeks ago (and after I'd brought Enid home), she said, "Mum, can you please make me an Enid? I want to stroke her and care for her and she can live in my flowery garden bedroom..." (Enid likes picking flowers, you see...)

I told her I couldn't, but that I would ask Jess... I think someone will be happy on Christmas morning!

Even though the gifts are made by others, we're adding a bit of our own handmade to the wrapping... nowhere as neat and stylish as Nic's, but still pretty good, I think!

I'll have a few more "made by others" gifts arriving soon... and if I don't pick up my work rate soon, I might be making some more quick orders in a few days time!


CurlyPops said...

Such gorgeous goodies!
I'm coming to the same realisation that I won't be able to make them all, so I've been collecting bits and pieces at the markets to add to my present stash.

yardage girl said...

Oooh I have one of Jess's bears - they are lovely. As is your wrapping - I like the string!

teddybearswednesday said...

YOu know Catherine, I've done the same thing. I've made a few presents, but apart from a couple of them , all my other pressies are made by crafters and artists. It's a nice feeling.
thank you for your gorgeous words about me and my guys. You are too sweet! xo
PS you're mum sounds like my kinda girl. I do hope she likes Quincy, and the little one is happy with her Enid xo