Friday, April 15, 2011

Enough. (flea market finds)

I'm a bit early for Flea Market Finds this week (or really late, perhaps), but needed to write this post before I changed my mind.

You see, I've decided to take a break from op-shopping for a while - well, at least 2 weeks.

Yesterday, I had a little bit of child-free time, and thought it would be fun to go treasure hunting... and it was.

I found some great things - this suitcase at a tip shop (I didn't even know we had a tip shop nearby until a week or so ago!), four (yes, FOUR) gorgeous aprons, a bit of orange tupperware and a "matching" teatowel, and a couple of nice sheets.

I also found, and bought, some other things that I didn't love or need, and that I put back in the car and redonated straight away...

I realised that, while my love of op-shopping has many benefits, it has started to take more of my time, and more of my thoughts (and more space in our home), than I'd like.

So a break it is. It will be hard to maintain - especially with a daughter who actively encourages my habit - but necessary.

Wish me luck!

PS: I'll be joining in with Sophie's Flea Market Finds this Sunday.


Make mine Mid-Century said...

I did laugh at this post! It's a bit addictive, isn't it?

I'm starting to amass a pile of clothes and toys I can 'donate' on the premise that at the same time I can check out the Op Shop and see what gems I can unearth to bring home!

Maybe there's a Helpline you could call?

I have a blue pillowcase that matches your pink sheets, so they date to the mid-70s. Great haul!!

Nelly said...

Good luck my freind I got a huge F when I attempted that idea.
Love your finds

Alison said...


I'm with you on this one.

I am currently trying to pack and it's a bit embarrassing how much one collects. I do hope to find a place in my larger home for all my goodies. If not then a lovely big front yard sale will be on in the future.

So I wish you luck, as I have already jotted down a few garage sales that will be on my in my hood tomorrow. I need to go to JA (junkaholics anonymous).

Awesome finds, by the way.

A Christy Production said...

ME TOO!!! I spend way too much of my minimal free time Op Shopping, buying things that will take me YEARS to get around to using cause there's just SO MUCH of it already. Too much money, too much time, too much crap that I too don't really love that much. I recently did a break from Op shopping.. it lasted a week. So I might just join you in this feat if that's ok?

green tea and red nails said...

i often find myself having this argument in my head! haha! my husband also shares this belief :)

i justify it by selling off a whole lot at the suitcase rummage markets in brisbane once a month!

lovely finds! good luck for your two week break!

Kel xx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I know exactly what you mean, but as one of your commenters above says it is soooooo addictive.

teddybearswednesday said...

Yep I know that feeling.
I've down a bit the same thing.
And you know what I haven't really missed it that much.
Good luck Catherine, and btw what a gorgeous bundle of stuff to finish on for now.

willywagtail said...

I've given up (with the odd slip up) on op shopping until I've repaid a debt to my daughter. I really miss it but it is forcing to work through my stash of fabrics/linens and clothes. After getting almost to a fever pitch of buying when I first embraced the idea of secondhand clothes from people I didn't know I have calmed down and I think this quiet period should help me to become more balanced. All the besty with your endeavours too. Cherrie

Miss Cinti - my poppet said...

ooh, tip shop in melbourne? do tell!

Wendy said...

What's a tip shop? Love the orange Tupperware...brings back memories!

Michelle said...

Oh dear! I hope you have better luck at staying away from the thrifting than I did. I wasn't suppose to go thrift shopping this week and alas, found myself at several local Goodwill stores! I love the aprons and the adorable children's whimsical sheets. Thanks for sharing and good luck on your fast from thrifting!

Amber Victoria's Cottage said...

Oh do I know that feeling. But I can't stop myself. They might need a support group for us one day. Nott Hoarders.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those aprons. The colors are so retro. Great find. I also collect suitcases. Will I use them? Probably not. Oh well. So let me go buy some more.

Lea said...

hahah I am sure we can all relate. Love the sweet sheets.

Kt said...

haha I know what you mean. My husband loves thrifting as much as I do and often it is how we spend a Sunday afternoon. Sometimes we declare a no op shop month. Generally something we can give a catchy :) name to, like frugal February or Miserly May in your case. All the best, it is so hard at first but even when we are out shopping now I fill my basket with things I don't really need and am finding my second look and sort before buying is improving greatly.

I do love your purchases, I don't know how much I could've put back!

Erica Louise said...

Ah, I completely understand. So much so that I've challenged myself to a three month ban on buying any fashion related things; no clothes, fabric, accessories. Its going to be hard.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

any withdrawal symptoms yet?
go thrifting!

Sarah said...

Sometimes a little break is good...but those bargains don't wait around forever!! Good luck, and lovely suitcase! x

m.e (Cathie) said...

hope you are doing well avoiding the op shops. it's hard, i know it and I try to only buy what is needed..hard, but it can be done..i think ;)
hope that suitcase didn't get re donated.
have a wonderful day tomorrow Catherine.
hugs ♥

becclebee said...

i know what you mean with this! i have been working on toning down my opshopping in the last little while too. its been really good for me to learn to admire something in the opshop and then put it down and walk away.

its funny, in one way op-shoping is less consumeristic, but in others it also encourages consumerism...

best of luck with time away. and i love the whale you made in the post above - such a great compromise!