Sunday, June 19, 2011


Frederick McCubbin, Down on His Luck, 1889 (NOT the original!! - a faded and scratched [but wonderfully large] copy, marked down to $1 at the local oppy and destined to become a blackboard).

Today I'm feeling lucky.

Lucky to have found a few nice things at the op shops (I only photographed one, though!).

Lucky that I could find support when I needed it, both online and in real life (thank you!).

Lucky to have spent a couple of hours today at Cathie's biggest morning tea (in the afternoon), eating amazingly delicious food, meeting and chatting with a bunch of great people... and then lucky enough to win a prize in the raffle.

Myrtle and Eunice tea towel (to go with our "T" tea towel!), CurlyPops brooch (now I feel like a real Melbourne blogger!), and super-cute Chantal Vincent stamp...

Hoping you're feeling lucky too.

(PS: joining in with Sophie's flea market finds ...)


CurlyPops said...

Oh fabulous! I was wondering who won. So happy to be able to donate a little something as I coulnd't make it.
Did you eat a cake pop?

Allana said...

Love the frame on that print - it will look awesome as a chalkboard - great find!
Lucky you winning that raffle, you deserve it :)

m.e (Cathie) said...

i'm so glad you won, yay! so good to see you, thank you for YOUR support and hope that things are better for you now.

thanks also for the gorgeous, gorgeous gift! yay for bunting & gorgeous bags.

hugs ♥