Monday, July 25, 2011

library party details and nice bits - the invites

I'm still thinking about our party last week - in part because some of the signs and decorations are still in place, and partly because I haven't much else to show for the past week except piles of tissues...

After reading some lovely comments about our party, and because I genuinely would love for others to share the fun of a library party (and I think it would be fun for any age from baby to adult!), I've decided to post about some of my favourite details from the party, starting with the invites.

NB: Most, if not all, of our ideas for this party were not entirely original, but instead adapted from other ideas we found online (just search for library-themed party and you'll see what I mean).

After deciding on a library party theme (after scoring a huge haul of books at a school fete), head to the nearest church fete and pick up a fist-full of library card envelopes... OK, this step might not work for you, but the envelopes would be pretty easy to make from old yellowish envelopes.

I used an old typewriter font (found free with a quick internet search) to make the invitation cards, then printed them and cut them to shape. I added the date with a date stamp (I was going to let my daughter do most of these, but got a bit carried away...).

Because I wanted the older kids to be able to read their membership cards, I used a more modern font for these. We made up some "rules" for the back... including an invitation to bring a book to donate (we'll be donating our books to The Footpath Library and Second Edition).

Finally, because there was a self-adhesive bit on the back of our envelopes, we added a piece of magnet cut from those calendar magnets that real estate agents like to give out...

I'll be back in a day or so with more little snippets to share... please tell me if there's anything you especially want to know about (or if I'm going on too much!).


Beck said...

I love this idea so much!! I can't wait to hear more about it. So original & fun, I bet the kids had a ball x

Kate said...

I've never heard of a library party but I love it so much. What fun it must have been. I love the invitations and the detail that you've put into it. Happy birthday. xx

becclebee said...

i love love love that typewriter font! what a fabulous idea!

and i hope you guys are doing ok - sounds like things have been a bit tough for you over the last little while. i hope you guys will be able to work out the best way forward for your family.