Sunday, September 25, 2011

walking the walk

This weekend, I spent a good few hours walking - joining some workmates in a local "Relay for Life," a fundraiser for The Cancer Council.

At the end, we stretched, and celebrated our fundraising achievements... but as I drove home, I started feeling frustrated that we should have to hold fundraisers like this for crucial services that don't get the government funding they need.

This quote popped into my head... (we had this tea towel when I was growing up!)

Or, relating to some recent announcements:

"it will be a great day when our healthcare services get all the money they need, and the MCG has to hold a cake stall to refurbish the Great Southern Stand"

(OK, not so catchy, but hopefully you get my point...).

My guess is, most of you will already have heard about Cam's Call for Help, and maybe have already written to those in power to ask them to overturn The Alfred Hospital's decision to reduce lung transplants in coming weeks... but if you haven't, please do (you can click on the picture below to travel to her website).


Thank you, and I hope you're having a lovely weekend.


Nikki said...

A very quotable quote!!! Love it.
I'm hoping that enough easily-breathing blokes in suits are sent enough letters of protest that the money will be allocated to the more worthwhile cause. Power to the online community!!!

CurlyPops said...

Great minds think alike dear Catherine. I can't believe that on the day that this bombshell hit the news, TB was out and about announcing a $55 million upgrade to the Great Southern Stand. It is just beyond comprehension!
Thankyou for your wonderful support.
Cam x

Bungalowgirl said...

Catherine, I haven't been able to post comments all week but just fixed the blogger problem tonight and did send an email but haven't heard from you. you were the lucky winner of my giveaway post and if you email me your address i will post asap.melx I am at