Sunday, April 22, 2012


When our curly haired girl was just three years old, she made up a song: 

"When I get bigger I could fix the world" 

(it was an easy song to remember as these were the only words, repeated three or four times, until her big finale, riffing on her final "w-o-o-o-r-l-d").

Nearly two years later, I still think about this song with immense pride and love, but also some sorrow and guilt - how and why should a three year old know that the world is in need of fixing? 

Most days, the love and pride wins out  - together with a reminder that I could do more right now to make things a little better before she gets "big".

Yesterday we hung out in the garden, and decided to try making a big soil and mustard seed stencil for fun (and it was fun!).

Today we found out it was Earth day, thanks to the wonderful Lola Nova, so a big soil love heart seems like the perfect thing to pop on this quiet little blog for a while.

Happy Earth day!

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teddybearswednesday said...

what a beautiful little special girl you have there.
And what a beautiful post this is, and you my dear give to the world and earth just by being your dear self xo