Friday, September 28, 2012

an accidental hibernation

I'm not entirely sure why I took a 4 month break from blogging - but I do know that in the last few weeks I have thought about why I do blog.

I blog because sometimes writing about my thoughts helps me to think more clearly.

I blog because I like to have a record of lovely things in my life, and of things I have made (very occasionally I need to record the not so lovely things too - but I like to make my blog a mostly lovely place, even if that is a bit dishonest).

I blog because I like to be part of a kind and supportive community, and I feel so grateful for this.

I planned to get back to the blog yesterday, but instead spent a glorious, sunny day in the garden working and playing until I ached (in a good way).

I woke today, and now my heart is aching, and the sky is crying, and Melbourne (more than Melbourne) is so sad. In the midst of this, my blog seems so trivial.

My thoughts, love and sympathy go out to anyone today who is sad or grieving - for Jill, or for anyone xo

*NB: please remember to avoid any comments about the case or the accused that may compromise court proceedings, here or anywhere on social media. Thank you*


Dee said...

Welcome back. I haven't stopped thinking about what happened to Jill and what her husband and family must be going through. This happened a stones throw from where I live. I am Irish. I have walked home in the dark, late, by myself. Its all too real for me. I hope the sun comes out again next week.

Kitty said...

Lovely to have you back Catherine.
Such sadness. And so close to home, it's just a shock.
Have a beautiful weekend, won't you.
Kitty x

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

it was a sad day and is still sad. I have shed to many tears for this woman we all identified with in so many ways, glad to have you back. xx

Miss Muggins said...

Loved reading your thoughts on blogging. I have been thinking about this too, of late.