Tuesday, January 15, 2013


At the very end of last year, after returning home from time with family and friends, we came home to a vegie garden that was, frankly, a mess.

One of my biggest disappointments was our potato patch. By early December, I already knew things were not going so well. It was clear that these poor plants were not getting anything like the amount of sunlight they needed - they were long and lanky, flowers few and far between, and over-run with insects. 

A few weeks later, we decided to cut our losses. We prepared to pull out the plants and rummage through the soil.

A surprise was to come. As I expected, our yield was poor. What I didn't expect was the absolute joy I shared with our daughter as she found each "tiny tasty tater" (some of them barely 1 cm in diameter), and the excitement when we found a "colossal" potato (in other words, a potato approaching baby potato size). 

As we worked together, up to our armpits in dirt, I felt incredibly lucky. This girl is so good at celebrating the little things, and being happy with what we've got. 

While growing a garden hasn't quite been the success I'd hoped for, we are growing a pretty wonderful girl.

* A disclaimer - while my description of our wonderful curly-haired girl is accurate (in a biased mother kind of way), she is a real kid with real challenges too ... 


emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

A beautiful post! There is such joy to be found in the little things. Sowonderful that your curly haired girl is learning this so young.

becclebee said...

how lovely! We too know the unexpected joy of teeny tiny potatoes. We didn't even plant any this year, and managed to dig up a few that had self seeded.

teddybearswednesday said...

YOU sure are!!!
( and if it's any comfort, I'm excited by your yield too! LIke I am with my lettuces! My backyard is terrible so I"m sort of stoked if any doesn't die! ) xo

Miss Muggins said...

Finding potatoes is like finding buried treasure!

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