Thursday, March 20, 2014

Reginald and Quentin

I had planned to post weekly updates on my progress in making an entry for the Reginald

Instead, I found I had barely enough time to finish my entry before the deadline (I made it with mere hours to spare!).

I did at least manage to take some photos along the way, so I can belatedly share the making process here.

Drawing with pencils, then drawing with thread.

As I realised I was running out of time, I started to bring my stitching everywhere I went - from a Parents' Association meeting to medical appointments.

The person I was trying to recreate in softie form has immaculate dress sense, so I realised a practice dress -a muslin - was needed.

Squeezing the pattern pieces onto an only-just-big-enough piece of felt.

My finished softie portrait - complete with pearly button earrings and matching shoes.

Have you guessed who she is?

I have done my best to make a softie representing Her Excellency the Honourable Quentin Bryce AC CVO, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia (her term as Governor-General ends in just a few days).

When I read the main requirement for entry to the Reginald Softie Portrait Prize (to make a Softie Portrait of someone you admire/appreciate), Ms Bryce was the first person I thought of. Her career and life has been characterised by many "firsts" for women, including her role as first female governor-general. She has shown great commitment to human rights and equal opportunity in many of her roles.

While I have never met her, I see her as a gracious, kind, intelligent woman, with a generous smile and a great sense of style. 

It was my very great honour to attempt this portrait of her.

The dress I made is based on the dress in this photo (via abc news)

One of my favourite aspects of making this softie was the chance to share the experience with my daughter. We got to talk about women in leadership roles (including her lovely school buddy who is now school captain!) and what we admired about them, and about how people can be leaders in many different ways. 

I am so glad that Ms Bryce is the first governor-general she has known.

I love that my girl got the chance to imagine she was reading to Ms Bryce (with the most lovely clear reading voice!)...

... then make her own gifts for "our" softie - a brooch (inspired by this dove brooch) and a bangle made of alfoil and cardboard, and the beginnings of a "crafty handbag" (which will look like a regular handbag but will in fact be filled with craft supplies!).

I loved the whole experience of making this softie, and taking part in this wonderful, supportive competition. 

To discover I was a finalist, and that my work would be on display in the windows of the CAE in Melbourne, was an enormous surprise and honour. If you would like to see all the finalists, you can find the details of the exhibition here. There is also a people's prize that you can vote in online (voters also get the chance to win a prize!).

I nearly forgot... joining in My Creative Space here.


Anonymous said...

So lovely to see all your workings Catherine, we're thrilled that you're a finalist!

nicole said...

Your stitches are so detailed! She looks amazing!

Jackie @ Fred-and-Cissy said...

I love your Quentin (and could identify her even without the hints and fantastic pink dress) - from what I can tell she's certainly worth admiring, and you've done a great job. Not sure if voting is still open or not, but I'm off to the CAE link to check I'm not too late to put my hand up for you...

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