Thursday, January 13, 2011

please don't stop here, just go and donate

Nothing to see here - but so many people in the blogging community are doing something to encourage donations to the Qld Flood Appeal...

There are many "giveaways" (open to those who donate) and auctions - some really great ones have already started and others are starting soon - find a full list here from Sunday.

Visit BrisStyle's Handmade Ark Flood Appeal, where generous makers have donated some of their wares with all proceeds to the appeal.

Lexi of pottymouthmama is also keeping an up to date list of ways to help.

We're going through our piggy banks here, and hoping our little contribution can go some way to help those who are struggling.

Stay safe x


Cate said...

very nice! it's terrible to feel so helpless...

Jessica Wright said...

Hi Catherine,

So glad you found me... My fingers are crossed for you in the raffle