Saturday, January 29, 2011

a girls' weekend

In case you're wondering, no, I'm not interrupting a weekend of child-free relaxing and general indulging to make a blog post... because it's not that kind of girls' weekend (though that would be just lovely). Instead, my husband is off on a "boy's weekend" so it's just me and the girl for a couple of days.

I am feeling a bit tired - I missed my late morning break when she and Dad head to the park for their regular Saturday play time - but I am also feeling grateful.

Grateful for a relaxed lunch date with another of our favourite girls.

Grateful for extra time to play and imagine and just be (even if that means "being" kangaroos with repurposed apron pouches) .

Grateful for reminders of how similar we are - she also "photographs" everything (with a no-longer functional camera, which luckily functions quite well in her imagination).

Grateful for a naughty-ish late-ish dinner of pancakes (made less naughty by very good eggs, and by a healthy-ish topping of apple sauce made entirely of finely grated apple).

Grateful for remembering that even though we are not always perfect (and yes, we both had our moments at the supermarket today), we really are pretty great!

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Make mine Mid-Century said...

Both pretty great and pretty GORGEOUS!

Alison said...

The first photo reminded me of a vintage pic, look at those gorgeous curls.

It's fun to be naughty at times.


allison tait said...

Beautiful post! I hope you have a lovely girls' weekend together.

nellbe said...

Aww lovely :) Sounds like a great weekend!

teddybearswednesday said...

Catheine you write the most beautiful posts.
ANd I think you are the worlds best mum, PANCAKES FOR DINNER!! Any chance you need a second (older ) daughter xo

Naturally Carol said...

Funny how the nutrition guilt kicks in and has to justify the things we love to eat! It does for me too. Your daughter just trusts you so much in that department she just eats and enjoys them. She looks as though she has found lots of things she really enjoys too...including having mum to herself.

m.e (Cathie) said...

your girls weekend sounds fantastic, especially with pancakes thrown in!
your little one is the cutest little thing.
hope you get a bit of a sleep in tomorrow & have a wonderful day with your girl.
gorgeous pics & love her imaginative picture taking too.

Anonymous said...

Making it through a supermarket trip is always a win win in my book. I hope you get some time to yourself over the weekend and enjoy your special time x

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

she reminds me alittle of shirley temple, your girl.... must be those cuuuuuuurlzzzz. ;)

Kate said...

What a dolly she is. She has such an old worldly look to her. Gorgeous!
I think remembering that despite the fact that things aren't perfect they are pretty awesome is the best reason to be grateful of all.
I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!
And thanks for the egg ad. X

Maxabella said...

You're both just so cute! I love the re-purposed apron, very clever. So glad you enjoyed your 'girls' weekend'... new style!


Frog, Goose and Bear said...

As others have commented - she really is a little Shirley Temple look a like - just gorgeous! Pancakes for dinner sounds divine! We are having a Mum and kids weekend here too the only way to get through is to give them (& yourself) some little indulgences!

Anonymous said...

'Pretty great', indeed! So very, very lovely, both of you. And so much alike. Really, daughters are special in every way.
Lovely new week to you!
Hugs Lilli

Tania said...

Perfect is so over-rated. You'd never feel like you could slouch on the couch again. The closest I'd like to be to perfect is your kind of pancakes for dinner!

Sally said...

Sounds like a wonderful girls weekend. Being kangaroos sounds like fun :)