Wednesday, February 2, 2011

cover version

Is anyone else excited that Spicks and Specks is on every night - straight after the kids' shows?

(yeah, yeah, I know it's not really a kids show, but I try to sing loudly to block out adult content, and well, she developed a Spicks and Specks love in utero, and always managed to wake up for a feed in time for the show when she was tiny...)

Video made a bit over a year ago - this "piano" was one of her first completely independent duplo creations (another was a "Spicks and Specks set" but maybe I shouldn't mention that in case you think we're completely crazy...)

Hope you're having a happy Wednesday (and staying safe too).


Cate said...

didn't even know it was on every night - thanks though, I love spicks and specks!!

Anna Bartlett said...

I didn't know that either - thanks for the community service!