Sunday, May 30, 2010

Flea Market Finds

OK, so I said I'd take a break from op-shopping, and I did - really!
It's just that I was walking to the park, and saw a sign for a White Elephant Sale at a local church. Being the community minded person I am, I just had to go along, didn't I?

Initially I managed to be practical - a great kid-oriented craft book (with bits I'll quite enjoy too!), and a couple of 5c spoons for "gardening play" - a soup spoon should make it easier for our girl when next she tries to relocate water from puddles to garden beds (last time she patiently used a tea spoon!). After seeing this idea for vintage spoons, I wish I'd bought more!

And then I saw, lingered over, walked past and around, then finally purchased this little cup/saucer/plate set. They just seemed to want to move to a home with a lime green kitchen (with absolutely no space left in the cupboards!).

Immediate storage woes were soon forgotten when I found this in their back "shed" - a bookcase just made for our hallway - for just $8 (plus a little extra money forced upon a kind church volunteer who delivered it to us when it became apparent there was no way this was going to fit into our little car!). Storage that fits our house and is not impossibly expensive has been so hard to find, and we're going to have fun painting, then filling (again) and rearranging this.

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Me said...

you are so lucky!! Great bookcase! I'm still looking for more storage as well!!

beck said...

The words.."White Elephant" are magic to my ears! How could you possibly go past??? And what fun you had, all great finds, well done! I especially like the bookshelf, they are so hard to find xo

Susan L (lily40au) said...

some things are just meant to be ... and the tea set is gorgeous. i'm on the hunt now for a blue and white one. wish me luck.

My Flea Market Find

zigsma said...

Oh, I have the same set as your orange without the plates though, and one in yellow too! I didn't know they came with plates!