Thursday, September 9, 2010

a giveaway announcement (and an apology)

We've just conducted our first giveaway draw today, and there was excitement all round.

We took the old fashioned bits of paper in a cardboard box (because I always have lots of boxes around...) path, and while my trusty assistant was initially unwilling, it turned out to be a highlight of the day... the only problem was when she realised that none of the bits of paper had HER name on it.

We held a family draw later on... I came last.

Anyway, enough waffling on... the winner is....

Becclebee, of the lovely marjoryjane blog (check out the lovely baby blanket she made over here...).

The only thing is, I haven't finished the prizes.

My excuse is that my daughter is sick. The real reason is that I once again left things to the last minute, so when she got sick my plans fell by the wayside. Sorry, Becclebee - I'll send you a message and try and get them to you as fast as I can.

I promise next time I host a giveaway I will be organised. Promise.

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