Friday, October 22, 2010

animation friday (kiva)

Kiva - loans that change lives

OK, so this is really cheating - it's an animation, but I didn't make it.

I found out about Kiva through Cath of chunkychooky - and after a month or so of thinking about it, I've joined in, and made my first Kiva loan.

Want to learn about Kiva? Read about it here, or see Cath's post about it for a good summary. It's basically an online platform to support microlending to people in (mainly) developing countries - helping people to start or build their businesses to help themselves, their families and their communities. All it takes is $25US (which right now is basically $25AUD!) to become a lender. You can decide where to send your money (and can read about the field partners who administer the loan to ensure you're happy with their credentials too). Once the loan is repaid, you can decide whether to withdraw your money or re-loan it to someone else.

Want to join up? Why not join Cath's team - Crafty Bloggers. I have! Hooray!

Just send her an email... and Cath reminded me to tell you, you don't even have to make a loan straight away when you join the team - you can join up, and find out how things work first.

Playing along with Animation Friday (sorry, Cintia, I cheated!).


Estelle said...

Such a great idea and a perfect way to make an 'active' donation.

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

very clever with the animation- love it!!!Thanks for the shout out, maybe we can get some more members.

one yellow jumpsuit. said...

That's such a generous thing to do.

zigsma said...

Excellent idea - count me in!

Anna Bartlett said...

so you're a 'cheater for charity' now - actually, I think that is allowed. Had heard of Kiva, but hadn't done anything. You've spurred me on!

Miss Cinti - my poppet said...

Not cheating if it's moving. I really like this concept. will go ad check it out.
thanks for sharing
xx cintia