Saturday, October 9, 2010

reverse finds

I'm late again with reverse finds - sorry (spent a bit too long waiting in the doctors surgery this morning...)!

My contribution to reverse finds is pretty small - after realising yesterday just how many copies of the same book I have, I decided I should try and rationalise a little. After reading Make Mine Mid-Century's lovely comment on my post, I knew where my spare copy should go... I'll send you an email to get your address, MMMC!

(and in case you're wondering how I've decided I only have one spare: one was given to my husband by old workmates, with a special message inside, one was bought by me 2 hours before finding out I was pregnant, and one is in Italian!)

Luckily my husband's done a bit better, with a big box of books to rehome. The question now is sell or donate? We'll be doing some research first to decide if selling's worth our while, I think.

Do you have some reverse finds to show? Join the link below, if you like - you can join up any time during the week.

1 comment:

Make mine Mid-Century said...

Thank you Catherine!

Truly, I'm very touched!

And will treasure it ... you must write a note in it, so I can tell my grandchildren all about how I came to have The Little Prince.