Thursday, October 14, 2010

my creative space

my creative space is a work in progress... I was starting to upload my photos, then realised they'd make a fun animation for Animation Friday... so I'm off to learn something new... come back tomorrow to see if it works!

there's always something new to learn at Kirsty's - see you there!


Jill said...

I'm intrigued!! I'll pop back tomorrow to see what it is!!

Kate said...

Ohhh what fun!
I made one of those animations last week and it was so much fun to bring my blog to life.
Looking forward to seeing yours.

Anonymous said...

Oh I think the title of your blog is so very creative! i love it.....I love art and sewing myself!

nice to meet you....swing on by if you've the time!

Ciao Bella!


teddybearswednesday said...

I can't wait to see yours. ANd I'm thinking ( perhaps wrongly it might involve your dollhouse creations.
I'm quite excited. xo

Tracey said...

oh, will come back and have a look!

nicole said...

i'll definitely be back tomorrow to have a look ha ha!