Sunday, October 31, 2010

blogtober day 31 - the finish line

Just a quick note to say goodbye to Blogtober - it's been a challenge for me, though I think I did better than I expected (having just missed 1 day - in the final week!).

I've enjoyed writing posts about things I hadn't written about before, and learning new things (I'm really enjoying making animations now!). It's been nice to discover some new favourite blogs - and to meet a few lovely blog friends in real life too!

Right now, though, I think I'll be slowing down again for a little while, and enjoying the chance to blog when I have an idea, rather than being driven to find one - though I think I really benefited from that motivation too!

I've got a busy work month ahead - including presenting a paper at a conference, for the first time in years, so if I go missing for a while, don't worry - I'll probably just be using the dreaded Powerpoint instead of Blogger.

Best wishes, stay warm (or cool, depending on where you live!) and see you soon!


zigsma said...

Yes, it's been fun, but I'm glad it's over. What's your paper on? If you want to tell...

Make mine Mid-Century said...

I've enjoyed all your posts ... I'll miss you,

Your little daughter is so 'early 20th century' looking isn't she? She's got beautiful classical looks ... like a cherub.

It's late Catherine ... and I've been reading The Little Prince, when I shouldn't be!

becclebee said...

well done in making it through! i have always liked the idea of the challenge of blogtober, but am too intimidated by it. i think i'd run out of steam by the second week!

hope your powerpoint goes well, and that you get a bit of space to breathe too. and thanks again for the finger puppets and fabric. there was much hilarity at my birthday bbq as a friend and his daughter read out don't let the pigeon drive the bus together with the finger puppet! what fun!