Saturday, October 2, 2010

reverse finds - low hanging fruit

I would like to say something.

Even though I decided to start a weekly reverse finds post, I am NOT very good at decluttering / organising / giving things away. Almost every time I attempt to look through our place to get rid of things, I get sidetracked in a pile of memories, or decide it's all too hard and do something else instead. So this post and I have an uncomfortable relationship - I'm so grateful to have it around as a way to force me to face up to my clutter, but I do kind of resent it sometimes too.

I would like to take the organised approach Susan has taken, of going through one cupboard at a time - and I WILL next week, I think - but I ran out of time again, so this week I took the approach of randomly looking through cupboards and drawers and looking for the first things I could see that I can easily part with - minimal thought, probably not a great deal of efficiency, but in the end, a pile of things that can leave our place right now... the low hanging fruit.

Some tealight candle holders, a terracotta wine cooler we've only used once, some christmas spreading knives, shoes thatI can't even remember wearing (maybe bridesmaid shoes? maybe they belonged to one of my sisters?), long retired bags, and a little pile of clothes and pillowcases.

If you'd like to join with a reverse find of your own (and as you can see, the standards do not have to be high!), add your link in below.

(PS Susan - it was great to meet you too! and I'm already dreaming up a vintage sheet softie to make for Mirabel!)


Susan L (lily40au) said...

I like idea of low hanging fruit Reverse Finds ... but at least you got something done. That made me smile. Thanks for the compliment of thinking I'm organised ... I guess I am but I still live in clutter heaven and Reverse Finds sure is giving me hope. It was great meeting you too on Thursday and I hope you can come again. It's such a great group and I try to go once a month. Craft might be a great way of getting people together but I don't get much crafting done. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

oh I will join in next week if I remember I LOVE decluttering and I have a box I am slowly filling to take to the op shop of casserole dishes etc and just took bags and bags of clothes, it's such a great feeling getting rid of stuff, plus it gives you more room to go op shopping!!! again

Becky said...

I think I can do this with you next week :)