Saturday, October 30, 2010

reverse finds (and giveaway winners)

So as to distract you from the mess that is to follow, I drew the winners from my giveaway... they are Gill, The Clip Cafe, and Alison... the only problem is, they all want the red set... so there will be some emails and negotiations to try and make sure everyone is happy!

In other news... this is what our couch looked like the other day. Caused by a mixture of falling way behind in the laundry due to work / illness / disinterest, and of not actually having space in wardrobes and cupboards to fit everything.

So, with the somewhat better drying weather (some days, anyway), I've been working my way through the cleaning - but pausing at the putting away stage to see if I can part with anything. I've managed to send one big bag off to the oppie so far.

Any decluttering / clearing out / giving away going on at your place? Join in with your own reverse finds link below - open all week.


gill said...

Thank you so much Catherine!

Susan L (lily40au) said...

Why is clean laundry so scary do you think? I have to put mine away as I go because if I've got two or three loads stacked up it can be weeks before it gets done! Too weird.

Well done winners ... and that red stash was pretty sweet.