Tuesday, October 12, 2010

in case of emergency...

remove lid.

Making collages with our glue sticks has become one of my favourite "emergency parenting" techniques - the things I can do when everything is going pear-shaped, that (mostly) result in a happier girl (and a happier me).

What are your "emergency parenting" techniques?

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Buttons by Lou Lou said...

Very good idea! My kids love glue as well. Not sure what my emergency parenting tip is though - cucumber? Both of my boys love cucumber and if I am preparing dinner and they are grumpy then I pass out the cucumber to bide me some time. Of course they love chocolate as well but that will need to wait for another time!

Mostly anything to do with water, glue or paint are enjoyed - depends on the emergency and whether or not I have the patience for the mess.

Great topic. You have me thinking now.